The rules of the game of classic poker

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The game can be played by 2 to 10 people. Each player in Texas Hold'em is dealt two cards. Read more

After being dealt, a trade begins, which takes place in several rounds.

The two players to the left hand of the dealer make mandatory bets, which are charged before the bidding even begins. This is done to encourage players to play hard. These mandatory bets are called blinds. These are the rules of the game of poker.

If you are a novice player, you know that it is more advantageous to have a late position during a hand to keep track of your opponents' moves. This is not the rules of poker, but rather a kind of tactical move. After the players have placed their blinds, the first phase of the trade begins.

The rules of the game of poker imply that there are certain actions that the player performs during the trading process:

Bet, bet (ang. bet) - to place a bet. Call - To place the same amount as your opponent's stake. Raise, raise - to bet more than opponents. Fold: Refuse from further participation in the game and fold cards. Check - in situations when a bet has already been made or bets have not been made by the opponents; not to add anything to the pot, to leave it "as it is". A Betting Round ends when all players have either placed equal stakes or folded.

After the first betting round, if more than one person remains in the hand, then, according to the rules of poker, three common open cards, called the flop, are placed on the table. The common cards must be used to make combinations.

If there is more than one person left in the deal after this round, another community card is placed, which is called the turn. Similar to the flop, there is another round of dealing after the turn.

After the turn, if necessary, the last community card, the river, is dealt.

The river is followed by another round of betting, and if there are two or more players claiming the pot, a showdown takes place.

Combinations according to the rules of poker are made up of five common cards and two closed cards. When the last bet has been made and equaled, all the remaining people in the game one by one begin to open their cards for the opponents. The final winning combinations are made up of them and evaluated.

Texas Hold'em is the most popular form of poker. There are also Omaha poker, Razz, Badugi, Pai Gow, Chinese poker and others How can I take the pot? There are 2 fundamentally different ways: Show a card combination at the showdown that beats your opponents' poker combinations. Make a bet that no one will call and everyone will fold their cards. Limits or monetary limits on betting in the game The rules of the game of poker can vary in terms of the amount of money on the game bets, called limits. Poker can be divided into several types of games:

Limit poker.

Limit poker can be with a fixed limit (set in advance by the game settings for each round) and range poker (the bet amount can vary within some limits). This means that for each round of the game there is a set limit on bets, above which none of the players has the right to bet.

Combinations in poker according to the rules are made up of five common cards and two closed. When the last bet was carried out and equaled, all the remaining people in the game one by one begin to open their cards for their opponents.

Pot-limit poker.

Gives players more freedom regarding the size of the bets, but it also has some limitations. It consists of the fact that no player can place a bet that will exceed the total pot of the game.

No Limit Poker

Allows any player to play for the maximum amount of money allowed, which will not exceed his stack, i.e. the amount available in his hands. This is the most popular form of poker.

Try your hand at playing against the computer right now! But remember, to really learn how to play you need to have experience playing with real people, whether online or in person.


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